Mastery at greater depth in Year 6

Let me ask you to forgive the indulgence in this blog to publicise my latest book on mastery of mathematics. It is published by Harper Collins (ISBN 9780008207069) “Maths Mastery with Greater Depth – Year 6” and includes a challenge for every objective of the mathematics curriculum, for that year group.

The aim of the book is to illustrate how mastery should be seen as the ability to solve problems with greater complexity over time through 

  • a creative use of, and building on, already learned mathematics
  • the ability to make links to other mathematics
  • explanation and communication of ideas to others
  • the secure use of mathematical reasoning
  • an emerging fluency of mathematical procedure based on the above

Essentially, the book is written from an assessment perspective of every element of the Year 6 curriculum, and is firmly based on the three strands of assessment in the National Curriculum (mathematical fluency, problem solving and mathematical fluency.) It should be seen as a guide to teachers of Year 6 on when learning has and has not taken place with reference to the three assessment strands. Many of the questions in the book are written in ‘word problem’ format with clear pointers at the mathematics needed to be taught in order for successful solutions to be found.

There are 100 ready to use challenges that are designed with assessing mastery of the curriculum at year 6. Included with the book is a CD-ROM with the book presented in Microsoft Word format so that teachers can adjust the questions to suit all stages of mastery. I am confident that, those of you who buy the book for your school, will find it a useful and hands on resource.

Russell Timmins January 2017

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